TOP 10 Ways on How to Lose Weight Fast

TOP 10 Ways on How to Lose Weight Fast

This article provides a summary of the top 10 effective ways to lose weight fast. It is an overview of the entire lifestyle choices that one has to made in order to reach one’s goal of losing weight fast

I promise I will keep it short and sharp. Here are the TOP 10 ways on how to lose weight fast:-

1. Replace your sweet sugary drinks with Chia Fresca and plain water.

Instead of giving in to your sugar craving, have a Chia Fresca instead. My version of Chia Fresca is Chia seed in young coconut water, lemon juice and topped with pineapple chunks.

2. Replace all your high salt high fat processed snacks with this guava snack.

It is very easy to make. Just cut 3 guavas into slices and soaked in 3 cups (approx 700 ml) of Apple cider vinegar and refrigerate. Every time you feel like snacking, just munch on this. Not only does the vinegar is helpful in losing weight but the guava contains high amounts of dietary fiber which keeps you satiated and stop you from looking for other food

3. Sleep by 10pm

I cannot stress this enough. Our biological system is hardwired to be asleep by 10pm, during which time, many hormones are produced to help us repair our muscles which we wear out during the day and the body burns up lots of energy and hence fats to perform this function. If we are not sleeping early, not only is our body not burning fats, but the production of the stress hormone cortisol will in fact slow down our metabolism and hence the fat burning. If anyone asks me just one way on how to lose weight fast, I would say this is the one.

4. Eat high fiber food to prevent overeating

Both the Chia Fresca and guava are high fiber food. Others include lettuce, bananas and berries.

5. Eat high protein, Low fat food like chicken breast or salmon instead of red meat

As far as possible, eat it poached and not deep fried. Say NO to processed food and eat fresh

6. Eat less starchy carbo and replace with carbo from vegetables.

Eat plenty of green vegetables which can provide plenty of carbohydrates. Reduce the starchy carbs like pasta, rice, potatoes by at least 20%. In our modern culture, we are eating too much starches, especially when you factor in all those starchy sauces that makes our food so delicious.

7. Get involved in a high calorie burning sport

It could be tennis, Badminton, Swimming, jogging, dancing. Find one that appeals to you that you can do on a regular basis and do it at least twice a week.

8. Put in 30mins to an hour workouts daily, be it at the gym or at home.

This would focus mainly on cardio workouts and some weights and strength training.

9. Go on a detox diet at least half yearly.

My detox routine normally last 5 days where I eat nothing but the Chia Fresca, guava snack, lettuce and plain water. I do this quarterly but feel free to do it as often as you are comfortable. During our day to day activities, we accumulate toxins along the way which hampers our bodily functions including metabolism. Therefore, we need to regularly get rid of the toxins from our body and restore our metabolism.

10. Set your goal, measure yourself and intensify all the above when necessary.

So these are the top 10 ways on How to Lose Weight Fast summarized for you

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