Lava Slim – FR Weight Loss


Enjoy healthy and lasting weight loss LavaSlim and its 6 powerful natural ingredients, coming from volcanoes , and tested by clinical studies.

Shocking new discovery

Respected scientists from the renowned Nutrient magazine have discovered the shocking cause of belly fat, and it’s not what you think…

Do you have difficulty losing weight no matter what type of diet or exercise you do? Turns out it’s not your fault.

In 2023, after studying more than 150 years of scientific data, researchers discovered the common factor between overweight men and women – a

low internal temperature1

. They also discovered the common factor of thin people… a normal indoor temperature!

The internal temperature of the body cannot be measured with a thermometer like we see every day. It has nothing to do with the temperature of our skin, or how we feel.

It is the temperature deep within your body, that of our internal organs, of our cells, and it is constant throughout the day. And researchers have discovered that it plays a vital role in your metabolism.

When the internal temperature is normal, burning calories is rapid and does not require effort. But when the internal temperature is low, your metabolism is slow. And every small reduction in your internal temperature results in a 16% reduction in metabolism!

LavaSlim is unlike anything you’ve seen or tried before.

It is one of the only products in the world that contains 6 nutrients and plants from volcanoes intended to target and normalize low internal temperature, which is the real cause of your unexplained excess weight.

By targeting your internal temperature you will transform your dormant metabolism into a volcano that burns calories and gives you energy!

Here’s what you find in each LavaSlim capsule:

6 Clinically Proven Ingredients to Target Core Temperature and Transform Your Body into a Calorie-Burning Machine

  • • Targets internal temperature1
  • • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels2
  • • Helps with good liver health3
Irvingia gabonensis
  • • Weight control4
  • • Supports a healthy inflammatory response + antioxidant properties5
  • • Beneficial effects on blood sugar levels6
  • • Targets internal temperature7
  • • Anti-aging effect8
  • • Improves digestive health9
Citrus Aurantium
  • • Targets internal temperature10
  • • Anti stress11
  • • Improves mood12
  • • Blocks fat accumulation13
  • • Improves brain functions14
  • • Supports brain health15
Ginger root
  • • Targets internal temperature16
  • • Beneficial effects on blood sugar levels17
  • • Reduces blood pressure

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