Losing Belly Fat and Exercise

Losing Belly Fat and Exercise

Losing Belly fat successfully cannot be accomplished in a healthy way without the inclusion of exercise in your effort.  One must include aerobic, weight lifting and stretching to be ultimately successful.

Let’s be realistic. If you are serious about losing belly fat then you have to get serious about exercise. One cannot be done in a healthy manner without the other. Certainly it is possible to lose weight by simply reducing the number of calories but without some type of exercise you will inevitably lose muscle mass and become weaker.

Losing Belly Fat and Exercise

According to most experts there are three kinds of exercise everyone should be doing if they want to lose fat… especially belly fat. They are aerobics,Losing Belly Fat and Exercise Articles weight training and stretching. If done correctly all will require some physical exertion.

You may be wondering why you need to exercise. After all, they didn’t seem to need special exercises back in the day. There weren’t even such items as ab machines or weights and they did just fine.

This is certainly true but back then they didn’t need specialized exercises because their daily activities didn’t consist of sitting at a computer, desk or in front of a TV most waking hours. Their daily activities consisted of all types of “physical” activities unlike today.

Losing Belly Fat and Exercise

Back in the day great grandpa had to be fit, sometimes needing to outrun his breakfast. He had to carry large pieces of mastodon meat. He had to run, lift, jump and throw just to survive to the next meal.

Today life is a little simpler and unlike your grandpa we tend to use our backs for survival a lot less. Even those of us who carve an hour or two out of each for physical activity are less active than grandpa who may have been up at the crack of dawn doing two hours of farm work before breakfast or had to walk two miles to the coal mines before shoveling coal 8-12 hours.

Losing Belly Fat and Exercise

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Those of us who are considered extremely active today are still much more sedentary because we spent a majority of our time sitting in a car, at a desk or in front of the TV.

Unfortunately, the human body wasn’t designed for this lack of exercise or excessive belly fat and studies show that each year over 250,000 die from lack of exercise. The human body is designed to run, lift and throw.

The human body is an amazing invention. It can operate at maximum capacity with minimal exercise. Studies show just 30 minutes a day of moderate physical activity can make a huge difference in your health and efforts to lose the belly fat. That’s simply activities like a brisk walk, bike ride, tennis, canoeing or pushing a lawn mower.

You can even break the 30 minutes up into smaller increments. Ten minutes here and ten minutes there. Thirty minutes a day anyone should be able to do. Now, that doesn’t mean that more exercise is not better for you but it does mean that that ANY exercise is a whole lot better than none at all.

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Author:Joe Huau

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